Care for Carers is designed to help Carers, Carers Support Groups, and Carers Organisations.  Membership shall be free to all Carers Groups.

Our aims and objectives are:

• Care for Carers has been established to give support, information and advice where appropriate to carers support groups in the UK.

• To foster mutual help, co-operation and friendship between carers groups, carers and those being cared for.

• To welcome everyone equally and take steps to make Care for Carers open and accessible.

• To make sure that everyone within Care for Carers understands and respects confidentiality.

• To listen to each other and respond with sensitivity.

• To provide accurate and practical information but not give medical or legal advice or make recommendations inappropriately.

• To support each other through trouble and problems.

• To work in co-operation with the health care professionals.

• To promote awareness regarding the problems and circumstances of carers groups and to encourage acceptance and support in the community.

• To use the income from fund raising to support further meetings, to act as an educational resource or to support projects that have been agreed by the committee.