What is Care for Carers?


We are a Carers Group Support Association – this means we help any carers, whether they belong to a support group, are on their own or work for any agency that helps carers. We  also work together with other Carers organisations by holding  “Carers Help Events” in Norwich and Norfolk.

Care for Carers was started November 8th 2007 by Peter and Christine Rowley. We had read an article in one of the papers about what carers have to cope with so we started up a website that would give as much information on caring for people in Norfolk as we could.

Peter and I care for my mother on a part time basis and are now in the process of caring for my father whose wife has dementia.  At the time we did not think we were carers, like so many people out there looking after family members.

We started out by thinking we could start up support groups in several areas but realised that lots of people a) don’t think their carers, b) others find it difficult to get out to meetings.  We congratulate those support groups out there who are making a difference to lots of carers as we realise the recession has been unkind to many.

On thinking our strategy over we knew our strength lay in reaching carers through the Caring Organisations by putting on “Carers Help Events”, which not only helps carers but the organisations are able to network and help each other gain knowledge of what each one does. We feel that by working and communicating more often with each other we can make a big difference, which will be to the benefit of all carers.

Our motto is “Together we are Strong”

We have a regular radio spot on Future Radio for carers called “Carers Corner” which is now going out on the last Saturday of each month at 1.30pm and covers a wide range of topics which we will cover on our website for people who are unable to listen.

Care for Carers started out slowly but we have now gained a wealth of knowledge and are getting stronger and stronger in our aim to help carers.

We now have a strong committee who are all volunteers and we could not do without their help, experience and the need for the wellbeing of others.

Our committee members are: Dr.Ian Gibson – Derek James – Mile Sands – Jo Storie – Peter Rowley – Christine Rowley – Scott Porter – Andy White.


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