The Switchover Help Scheme

The Switchover Help Scheme was set up by the Government and is run by the BBC. Its purpose is to make digital TV easy for older and disabled people by converting one of their televisions to digital in the run-up to digital TV switchover in their region.  As you may be aware, the traditional TV signal in Anglia is being switched off in 2011.

The Switchover Help Scheme aims to reach out to all eligible people, and ensure that those who need our help get it, so that no-oneeligible need be left behind without access to television after switchover.

How can we work together?

We can provide:

  • Help Scheme awareness training (free of charge) to your organisation and its staff
  • You with Help Scheme literature and material for educational / training and awareness, or to circulate and cascade to your organisation’s staff and within your community
  • Bespoke Help Scheme awareness training for those colleagues in your organisation who go into peoples’ homes to deliver a service.  Or those whom you may wish to make a Help Scheme “champion” within your organisation.

We can also:

  • Guest at events you may already have planned / are planning to talk about the Help Scheme in your area
  • Provide written articles for circulation in any regular communications / newsletters you have
  • Help you work on and support a programme of activity aimed at increasing awareness on Digital TV switchover for your organisation and eligible people.

Sarah Barrett – Regional Network Manager – Anglia

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