If you live in Norfolk, are aged 5 -13 and caring for someone at home, then this website is for YOU! It’s been specially made for Young Carers with the help of Young Carers themselves.
This site also contains information which is useful for parents and families, teachers and other professionals who come across Young Carers in their work.
The aim of the project is:
>> To raise awareness about Young Carers and the issues they face in Primary and Middle
Schools in Norfolk.
>> To identify hidden Young Carers.
>> To help Young Carers reach their full educational potential by working in Partnership
with Schools in Norfolk.
>> To provide increased social opportunities and support to young carers through individual
sessions, group outings and support groups.
>> To provide a directory of useful services for Young Carers and their families. To create and
maintain a web site for Young Carers and their families.

Contact: Lois Povey
Senior Young Carers Project Worker
18-20 St Faiths Lane
Norwich Norfolk
Tel: 01603 219924
Fax: 01603 219939
email admin.cforum@freeuk.com

Registered Charity No. 1055637

Young Carers