Useful resources for Carers and their Cared for:

Gardening Tips for People with Physical Disabilities and The Elderly

Free Computers for Carers – Norfolk Millenium Trust for Carers

Children, Young People & Families:

To apply call 0333 200 1004 and there’s more information at  The scheme works by giving families a cash card and a letter, saying what equipment they can buy and at what value.

Free Wifi at Norfolk Libraries

Older People

Friends of the Elderly – DIGITAL CONNECTION grants are to help older people get online and stay connected and can be used towards the cost of equipment such as tablets and smartphones as well as Broadband/Wi-Fi/Mi-Fi (mobile Wi-Fi) costs.

Ability Net – IT Support at Home for Older People and People with Disabilities

AbilityNet has a network of friendly disclosure checked ITCanHelp volunteers who can offer free computer support to older people and people with disabilities.

You may have a problem with viruses, need some help installing broadband or be confused about updates or error messages. Our friendly, trustworthy volunteers have relevant IT skills and may be able to help with computer systems, laptops, tablets and even some smartphones. 

What can we help with?

Our volunteers can help in all sorts of ways, including:

  • choosing equipment to meet your particular needs, with suggestions on computer, adaptations, software or broadband
  • helping install and set up new software, arranging settings and adjusting accessibility options
  • diagnosing problems, malfunctions, viruses or software updates
  • helping you get more form your computer, such as online shopping, video calls to friends, playing music or games….

They can’t provide free hardware or software and they will try to help you get the most from your computer – and if they can’t help you we can offer independent advice about your best options.

For an idea of what we can do, take a look at some examples of how we’ve helped people.

How to Request a Home Visit

  • Use the Home Visit Request Form to tell us what you need and we’ll try to find a suitable volunteer. We can’t guarantee to find someone immediately, but will do all we can to respond rapidly.
  • Or call our Freephone Helpline on 0800 269 545 (Freephone and Minicom)
  • Or send an email to


Wavelength (because of age, poor physical or mental health, or by circumstances which make it hard for them to leave their home)

WaveLength is a charity that works to alleviate loneliness across the UK. We give technology to people who are lonely and living in poverty to help them reconnect with the world. We support people with a wide range of different needs. These include illness, disability, old age, domestic abuse, homelessness, refugees, and many more. We can provide a range of televisions, radios and tablets. WaveLength also gives TVs, radios and tablet computers to organisations like hostels, refuges and community centres. Technology like this can help bring people together and make them happy. Tablet computers also allow people to access the important online services that we all use every day.

If the Carer is in poor health/disabled themselves?

Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust – Currently we are considering all requests for funding for people of all ages who are sick, in poor health or disabled and require medical items and services to improve their quality of life. Grants Considered :

  • Medical aids such as Nebulisers and Tens machines
  • Riser/recliner chairs
  • Manual and Electric wheelchairs
  • Standing Wheelchairs
  • Specialist buggies and push chairs
  • Car seats
  • Car harness
  • Wheelchair Power Packs
  • Therapeutic Exercise Machines
  • Scooters under very special circumstances
  • Orthopaedic mattresses
  • Washing machines / Tumble dryers
  • Mobile hoists
  • Sensory equipment
  • Communication aids
  • Computers / Specialist software
  • Reading Aids / Magnifiers
  • Refrigerators for essential drug storage
  • Secure drug cabinets
  • Convalescent and Respite breaks
  • Specialist mobile phones
  • Telephone installation   

Please note the website has a note which says “The offices are now closed until further notice. Please contact Ann Griffiths by email or by telephone on 07572 142598” might need to check what this means for processing applications. They also consider giving grants to individuals within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Hospital Saturday Fund – Specialised mobility equipment, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, car adaptions, medical appliances and aids, hearing aids, nebulisers, specialised vision aids, specialised computer equipment, therapeutic equipment/treatment, orthopaedic beds, mattresses or pillows, riser /recliners chairs, lift hoist/aids.

Range of Medical Conditions

Independence At Home – Communications Equipment for people with visual and hearing impairment or who are socially isolated – computer; hardware; software; tablet computer; CCTV; monitor; reading aid; magnifier; light writer; scanner; speechaid; communication aid; mobile phone; phone installation; large button phone; alarm system; care-phone alarm

Parish Based Charities – Although not explicitly stated, some of the local parish based charities may (if requested) consider funding a tablet etc but this would be on a case by case parish specific basis. These charities do not normally have websites, and it is best to search for them using the charity commission website.

Charities in General – It’s also worth carers looking on the turn2us website as there may be occupational/circumstances specific charities which could be approached which will be specific to their personal circumstances.

Onling Prescription & Support Services