John Grooms John Grooms is a Christian-based association working in partnership with disabled people to improve their quality of life.

Norfolk Association for the Disabled Black Horse Centre 15 Hooper Lane Norwich Norfolk NR3 4ED Tel: 01603 486669

Norfolk Disability Information Federation P O Box 542 Norwich Norfolk NR1 3YF Tel: 01603 763295

Norfolk & Norwich Association for the Blind Magpie Road Norwich Norfolk NR3 1JH Tel: 01603 629558

Norwich Social Centre for the Blind Catherine Wheel Opening St Augustines Street Norwich Norfolk NR3 3BQ Tel: 01603 621937

RNIB Support and advice
RNIB is here to help not only totally blind people, but also the one and a half million in the UK with serious sight problems.

RNID For the deaf & hard of hearing


The Norfolk Deaf Association 217 Silver Road Norwich Norfolk NR3 4TL Tel: 01603 404440