FREE training courses:

Computers for Writing

A course for people who have not used a computer before or only used it in a very limited way and at the same time improve their writing skills.

Creative Writing

Put your ideas down on paper, learn the basics of writing creatively.

Working with Children

If you are interested in working with children, this course is for you. It explores the different areas of where you could work, you brush up your English skills and will gain confidence to progress.

Job-Seeking Skills

Writing a CV, letter of application, reading adverts, speaking and listening skills.

Return to Work

Lost your confidence after a long break?
This course helps you brush up your skills and gain the confidence to return to work.

Return to Study

Haven’t studied for a long time?
This course supports people who have taken on a course and need support and those who would like to enrol and are worried about coping with writing assignment, building a portfolio etc.

Drive Ahead

Would you like to take your Driving Test but are a little concerned about the theory test. This course supports those to understand the theory and brush up their skills too.

Getting a Good Deal

Compare prices and read the small print in catalogues, on-line or promotional paperwork to make sure you make the right decision.

Healthy Weight

Consider your weight, the food you eat, your health and exercise

Basic Budgeting

Having trouble getting your income and expenditure to balance?
Help in basic budgeting skills.

We offer courses out in the community day and evening depending on level of interest. If you and colleagues (a group of 7 or more) would like one of the above courses, then we could set one up just for you.

For information contact:
Margaret Matthew
Norfolk Adult Education Services
Tel: 01603 306558